Privacy and sharing policy

The Algomus team is committed to user privacy. Our policy on the protection of individuals about the processing of personal data is based on the 95/46/EC European regulation (General Data Protection Regulation).

Emails and issues tracking

When you send a message to,, or to a server administor, your personal data is collected in order to reply. If you agree, your name, email address may also be conserved in the relevant mailing list to send occasional updates on the platform and the community. Your personal data is never shared with third-parties without your explicit consent. If you have any questions about the processing of your email and related personal data, do not hesitate to include them in your message.

The Algomus team tracks issues related to software it develops or maintains, such as the Dezrann platform. The public issue tracker for the Dezrann platform is available at The public issues are not disclosing any personal data or private research and/or educational subjects. The team also maintains private issues tracking requests by users, including specific requests on user data. These data will never be used, nor shared with third-parties, without your explicit consent.

Data on the public Dezrann server

Accounts on the public server are provided free of charge to everyone for research and/or educational use. The team makes no warranty that the platform will meet your requirements or that the service will be uninterrupted. There is no data backup and the team makes no warranty on the persistence of your data.

You can upload to the Dezrann platform music data, as for example scores, audio files, annotation files, or music metadata. Your name, email address, and institution are collected to help the support, for server maintenance and to contact you in case of a server failure. Note that these data are stored unencrypted on our servers.

Accounts will be anonymized (removal of names and emails) three years after the last login, and the related data will be removed except when they are shared with other active accounts.

For data preparation, maintenance, statistics, and diagnosis, server administrators can access and process the data you upload. The server administrators may also contact you to support you in using the platform. If you agree, your uploaded data can also be used to improve the platform. In any case, such data will never be used, nor shared with third-parties, without your explicit consent.

Finally, IP addresses, user agent, connection times, and logs of some client and server operations are collected for server maintenance, usage statistics, traceability, and diagnosis to improve the platform. You can ask at any time for the removal of all these data.

Sharing and contributing to public data

On the Dezrann platform or on public repositories maintained by the Algomus team, you can ask to share some data, as for example scores, audio files, annotation files, or music metadata, with other users, groups, or everyone. You can also contribute to data, issues, or code with the community. In any case, you have to ensure that such data can be shared without resulting in any copyright infringement. The shared data must not contain any personally identifiable information.

Verifying, modifying, exporting, or deleting information

If you want to verify, modify, export, or delete your personal data stored by the Algomus team, or if you have any question about this data protection policy, you can contact us.

Please clearly state the nature of your request (verifying, modifying, exporting, or deleting personal data) and, if applicable, include the URL of the data your request refers to.